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Sinister Visions


手机浏览国外网站的方法Sinister Visions inc. (SVi) is a dark art and graphic design studio that caters to the horror, Halloween and haunted attraction industries. We design, create and illustrate the things you need to successfully market and promote your Halloween- or horror-themed business, product, attraction or haunted house on the web, in print, via social media and beyond.

A lifelong love of Halloween and horror, 25+ years of graphic design & illustration experience, a storied background in typography and 20 years of website design experience gives SVi a thorough knowledge & understanding of the history, imagery and iconography of all things spooky, which informs every project undertaken.

But hey, seeing is believing. Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to visit the Portfolio to see the work Sinister Visions has done and for whom we've done it. You may notice that while many of our clients happen to be some of the most well-known names in the haunt & horror industries, most of our clients aren't... yet!

You can also see what our clients have to say about Sinister Visions on the Testimonials Page, Sinister Visions' 大陆怎么浏览外国网站 and on's Vendor Reviews page (and if you're already a client, leave a review!).

Once you've looked around, contact Chad Savage to discuss your project and to see how we can bring your sinister visions to life!



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Chad Savage's Art & Designs, Now On MASKS!

New Cult of the Great Pumpkin "Moon Phases" T-shirt Design Now Available!

New Shirt Design "Jack Attack" Now Available!

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There's no pricing info on this site because every project has its own unique set of parameters that affect costs, and we do not use pre-fab graphics or clip art. All of our designs are 100% custom-created for our clients. Contact us for a price quote catered to your specific needs.


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Logo Design & Branding
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Click on a logo to go to the Logo Portfolio Page

Graphic Design
手机浏览国外网站的方法 看国外网站加速软件 大陆怎么浏览外国网站

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Graphic Design Portfolio Page

T-Shirt Design
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T-Shirt Design Portfolio Page

Art & Characters
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& Signature Character Portfolio Page


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大陆怎么浏览外国网站 • Cutting Edge Haunted House • Grey House Haunts • Mackinac Island Haunted Theatre • 手机浏览国外网站的方法 • Silo of Screams • Nightmare at Canfield Scaregrounds • Midway Wicked Woods • Danger Run • Legends at Pope Lick Haunted Woods • Black Orchard Haunted House • Louisville Halloween Parade & Festival • Legendary Monster • Wicked Forest of Terror • Master Axe • Once Upon an Escape • Escape Medina

Go to the Website Design Portfolio Page


Click the arrows on either side to move through reviews, or visit the Testimonials Page!


If you're looking for Chad Savage's dark art & illustration work, head over to for extensive galleries, interviews, news and more.

If you're interested in purchasing Chad's original artwork, art prints or you're looking for his t-shirts, enamel pins, patches and other original creations, head over to 手机翻国外网站教程!

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Sinister Visions clients have said...
  • “Knowledgeable, creative and most critically - prompt! Chad has the perfect skill set to create very user-friendly websites that work great and look super scary!”

    — Ben Armstrong, Netherworld Haunted House

  • “Chad has been instrumental in growing all of our trade shows by marketing our brands through amazing web designs, brochures, banner displays and t-shirt designs! Web design is so important in today's world and we credit a lot of our success to Chad for keeping our image fresh every year. Chad works around the clock to deliver the best products possible.”

    — Jen Braverman, TransWorld Trade Shows

  • “Chad is an unbelievably talented artist. The fact that he is able to take that creativity and use it to build websites that not only look good, but also work well and are reliable is just one of the reasons we've loved partnering with him over the years.”

    — Edward Douglas, Midnight Syndicate

  • “ have built and serviced three web sites for me over the past 6 years. Chad's input, design, backup and all around service are a credit to him, especially as we are based in the United Kingdom. I would not hesitate in recommending Chad and to anyone wishing for web design and creativity.”

    — Mark Edwards, Farmaggedon

  • “Chad has always been one step ahead of what's popular at the time. He continues to amaze me with his creativity and designs. We at Terror on the Fox have always used Sinister Visions, and we/I always will!”

    — Mike "Beaker" Parpovich, Terror on the Fox

  • “There is no more prolific dark web designer anywhere. If you want a successful event, then you need a Chad Savage-designed web site.”

    — Leonard Pickel, HAuNTcon

  • “Chad Savage has a command of typography that isn't seen anymore... And that's only one of his skills; he's really a pioneer in horror / haunted / fantasy corporate ID and digital design. Most of the work you see in this arena that wasn't done by him was most likely influenced by him. He's an original.”

    — Joe Sena, EMCE Toys / Cinefantastique Magazine / The Monster Channel

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    — Larry McKenzie,

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